Hillary is Right About Deplorables

Many were outraged when Presidental Candite Hillar Clinton refered to “50% of Trump voters a Deplorable”. With the election only a few weeks away, I think we should look at exactly how much truth is in that statement.

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, 50% of Trump voters think African Americans are violent and 40% say they are lazy and rude. According to a PPP Poll, 65% believe President Obama is a Muslum and 59% still don’t believe he is a natural born U.S. citizen. Thoes are some pretty deplorable ideas.

Should Hillary have said that? No, but then again, she is just “telling like it is” and she has the data to back it up. These ideas, amoung others, come from the uniformed, Briet Bart wing of the Republican party. The fact the Republicans tend to give more false statements than Democrats is because of the base. They have to appeal to that base and unfortuantly that base has some deplorable ideas.

So it comes down to who do you want to be President? A horrible buisness man who doesn’t know what a fact is? or a women who has made some bad choices but at least knows what a fact is?



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