Reliable Sources


With so much out there on the internet, we need to remember that along with all the good information and well-conducted research articles and scientific journals that are easily accessed; there is a lot of just plain garbage out there.

On this page, I will have a list of good sources of information that you as a visitor should check out and often check out to get good news articles and reliable information on current events.


Newspapers, despite being old school, are still the best place to get well reported and documented information. Many of them have moved online as well, so you don’t need to get a physical copy if you rather read them on your phone, tablet, or PC/Mac.


  • New York Times
  • Washington Post
  • Wall Street Journal
  • The Guardian
    • Based out of England
    • They have a U.S. Division that is all online

TV News

Now, with the 24-hour news networks on T.V., it’s best to view more than just 1 in a day or week, because each network will focus on different topics on any given day. They are much less reliable than Newspapers because it’s hard to have editors review reports well enough before putting stuff on T.V.


  • Fox News
  • CNN
  • CBSN (Online at
  • BBC News (England Based Global News)
  • SkyNews (England Based Global News)

Online Sites

There are many online sites that are so-called “News” sites, but there are tons of them that say are news but do nothing but spread conspiracy theories and they have no editors or any system of fact checking or do any investigated reporting. Some examples of those sites are like BrietBart the right-wing conspiracy site. Sites like RT (Russia Today) and Sputnik are examples of Russian propaganda tools. Occupy Democrats tend to over exaggerate when it comes to Republican politics (In a negative way).

Some Good Examples:

  • The Daily Beast
  • Huffington Post
  • Bloomberg
    • Mostly financial news

Other Sources

  • NPR (National Public Radio)
    • Radio
    • Website
    • NPR One App
  • Democracy Now!
    • Independent Global News Hour Website:
    • Podcast Available as well
    • My Go-To news hour
  • PBS Newshour